Pricing Breakdown

Pricing is based on cost of ingredients and materials used, cookie size, level of design details and overall time to complete the order. Please find below a general breakdown of prices. An exact quote will be provided to you once details have been discussed.

SIMPLE: $55/dozen

  • 1 dozen minimum
  • 3-4 inches in size (approximately)
  • 1-3 basic/simple designs
  • Up to 3 different colors

detailed: $65/DOZEN

  • 1 dozen minimum
  • 3 inches and up (approximately)
  • Includes detailed work
  • Includes multiple colors and designs

Minis: $28/dozen

  • 2 dozen minimum
  • 2 inches (approximately)
  • 1-3 basic/simple designs
  • Can add additional minis by the dozen

logos: $65/dozen

  • 1 dozen minimum


  • priced per item
  • no minimum order requirement
  • multiple designs, colors, and sizes offered
  • usually goes live 2-3 weeks before a major holiday
  • Pre-sale announcements will be posted to the Home page and my socials linked below